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Can I format a USB Flash Disk with NTFS ?

How do I format a USB Flash Drive to NTFS file system?


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    Here it is.

  • Another thing you can do is use the Microsoft Windows "convert" command line program. All you have to do is go to a windows command prompt and type in "convert g: /fs:ntfs. Works in most cases.
  • When I use "convert" as discribed, I get: "cannot create the elementary file system structures." I have NO idea what that means. When I use the conventional right clicks, and My Computer, Format drive, change to NTFS, and all that, I get the message: "Windows is unable to complete the format", and it reverts back to FAT32.


    I can be contacted directly at: qigongdoctor@yahoo.com

    thanks in advance, Doc.
  • Try running CHKDSK (check disk) on the FAT32 volume first to make sure it is OK.
    Then make sure that you have enough free space on the volume. You may need as much as 20% available space to continue.
  • Check this part of the FAQ. http://www.ntfs.com/quest22.htm Yes, run full scan for errors first. An SD card is supposed to do this natively, but it can't hurt with those either.
  • I have tried a number of times on different computers all running XP SP3 to format a 32GB USB drive with NTFS.

    I changed the properties of the device as instructed in the video "How to format USB Flash drive with NTFS" and it always fails.

    I have tried both "Quick format" and normal, it runs and then hangs, finally sending an error message saying the format has not completed properly.

    Any help would be appreciated.
  • You could try formating it with Active@ Partition Manager.  http://www.pcdisk.com/


  • x:=usb flash disk

    open cmd type: format x: /fs:ntfs


    change your file system

    open cmd type: convert x: /fs:ntfs

  • thank you so much ..
    problem solved .
  • Here i can give you some easy steps to chnage fat32 to ntfs usb formatting...
    Start >> Mycomputer >> Right click on it>>Click on Manage
    2. Select Computer Management >>then Device Manager >> Disk Drives >>select your USB Pen Drive > Right Click >> Properties
    3. Click on Policies tagg >>click optimize performance >> ok
    4.Again click on My computer >> right click on USB pendrive >>click Format..
    5. Now change file system to ntfs before formatting>> Click on Start
    6.Your Drive is Formatted with Ntfs Partition
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